What Else To Know

The BISON L3 Fingerprint Trigger Lock was designed with two core goals - safety and accessibility.

Built to last, the BISON L3 aluminium casing houses a top-of-the-line capacitive sensor capable of reading your fingerprint profile at any orientation with 99.999% accuracy. 

With a touch of your finger, the lock pushes apart releasing the trigger within just 0.3 seconds. Our new model also comes with a pick and drill resistant "butterfly" tumble key lock, increased tensile strength, and improved programming - adding extra security to your firearm. 

The BISON L3 utilizes retractable pins to provide universal compatibility, fitting the vast majority of handguns, shotguns and rifles. 

Unlike traditional gun safes or gun locks, the BISON L3 provides instantaneous access to your gun while still keeping it safely secured in your home. We at BISON believe that responsible gun ownership should not be a compromise between accessibility and safety - a proper gun lock must provide both. 

Reach out to us at info@bisongunlock.com

This product is certified as a CA Compliant Firearms Safety Device (FSD) by the CA Department of Justice.